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    North Star Spirits

    North Star. For some, the Pole Star is a supergiant of spectral type F7Ib. And for some it is a small company in Glasgow, producing small batches of whiskey and other delicious drinks into the world. Such a tiny merchant company. North Star Spirits was founded in 2016 by a man of impressive reputation named Ian Croucher. Ian grew his reputation with A.D. Rattray (founded: 1868, Respect among whiskey connoisseurs: Excellent).Such indie companies have recently been increasingly mentioned in popular articles about whiskey and are looked at with hope (especially in articles about the rapidly falling quality of malts, about NASism, etc.). With a short history of existence, the company has already managed to gain an impressive baggage of good ratings from critics and connoisseurs. The Polar Star philosophy can always be described by three: always small parties; always of barrel strength; always without cold filtration. At the moment, these nice releases can not be found in every market, but fortunately, Ukraine is among them.

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